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Environmental Responsibility

Storm Guard units form part of environmentally responsible development solution. The goal of the system is to reduce construction associated sediment loading which adversely impact downstream ecosystems. Untreated water entering municipal storm water systems or discharged directly into receiving waters has a deleterious effect on spawning habitat and aquatic life.

Green Advantages

Above and beyond the overall system advantages indicated above, Storm Guard systems have distinct advantages incorporated into the overall design

Storm Guard Water Treatment System:

  • Can be used over and over again - conventional in ground systems are built in place using materials (i.e. plastic liners, berm material etc.) which in many cases is not reused.
  • Can be relocated with ease - conventional systems have to be rebuilt (components are typically not reused given that both ponds must be operational during the switch over)
  • In-line flocculent dosing - metered turbidity analysis ensures that minimal levels of flocculent are dispensed
  • Flocculants used undergo rigorous independent testing. Environmental safety is considered paramount when determining product selection
  • Automation ensures system reliability - only that which is needed is used to treat influent water
  • pH Control - delivering neutral water is critical. Storm Guard's automation extends to pH control ensuring that the water we release through the entire course of the project is fully compliant - whether we are on site - or not. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used to neutralize alkaline water (typically related to concrete pour and related run-off).
  • The unit uses only minor power (electricity is used for the automation) - gravity and/or flocculants is used to reduce suspended solid loading.

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