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Our company began operating as Canadian Equipment Rentals in 1989. Our intimate understanding of the needs of the construction industry provided us with the unique opportunity to address a new worksite challenge. The industry was faced with ever increasing challenges, expanding beyond typical development related pressures to satisfying new environmental requirements. We recognized them importance of providing sound environmental solutions and set forth to provide the first truly portable site wheel wash used in Vancouver, BC in 1998. The unit used recycled water to remove rocks and dirt from trucks leaving construction sites such that adjacent roads and fish habitat downstream are not negatively impacted. We have refined these units over time in order to address a wide range of potential job sites. Larger building footprints arising from increased density and ever increasing regulation presented us with another unique opportunity to expand our breadth of water management services.

Over the past years our services have been used throughout the greater Vancouver area to successfully treat process and run off water from construction sites with discharge to streams, storm drains and sewer systems. Our process was developed from decades of experience in water treatment and environmental services. Our record of supplying these services to our customers speaks for itself. Above and beyond our own monitoring, our services have been favorably monitored by regulators, as well as by independent environmental Service contractors.

Our primary base of operations is in the greater Vancouver regional district, a temperate area which receives considerable rainfall. Weather related downtime for an industry operating on tight margins with strict deadlines is simply not an option. Our company has stepped in to provide treatment systems which allow development to proceed even during the worst storm events faced locally. Development in the area has increased dramatically over the past several decades, accelerating in anticipation of Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Games. Our performance record was instrumental in securing our bid to provide water management services for the jewel of the aforementioned games, namely the Olympic Village nestled adjacent scenic False Creek.

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