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Storm Guard Water Services Inc will be the most cost effective choice for your project. We can make this statement given our knowledge of the industrys most fundamental concern, project downtime. Our systems are automated providing flexibility in terms of both treatment volume and water quality. Our clients can be assured that we are committed to eliminating this concern as it relates to inclement weather.

Our company offers a full complement of services, ranging from rentals (both short and long term), to sales, to unit maintenance. We offer product warranty services for units we sell as well as provide contractual maintenance for units rented and operating at development sites.

Units are delivered to our clients. In house design and construction ensures that all units produced comply with all transportation regulations and can be shipped both safely and on schedule to our clients. We supervise both the installation and removal of units placed at construction sites. Supervision is necessary in order to ensure the units will operate optimally upon deployment.

Service technicians dispatched to clients sites to monitor the efficacy of the Storm Guard tanks using Hach analytical field kits. This service is provided above and beyond the in line units used to monitor efficacy of the tanks themselves when operating unsupervised. Automation of process controls ensures optimal system performance.

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