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Storm Guard Water Treatment Inc.

Storm Guard provides dewatering services tailored to meet our client's specific needs. Individual units can treat between 50 to 500 cubic meters of water hourly (90 to 2010 gallons per minute). Another advantage to our system is that the units can be placed in series. The amount of water that can be treated is therefore limited only by the influent volume and site size constraints. Units are designed to enhance suspended solid settlement. Flocculent dispensers are also incorporated into the design of each unit we provide. Flocculants can safely be added to turbid water to drop charged suspended solids out of solution. Storm Guard water treatment tanks are configured to also neutralize water (treat pH) if desired. This element of the system was developed to ensure discharge water can be fully compliant throughout the project, from excavation up to and including the concrete pouring and curing phases.

The goal of our company is to satisfy our clients by providing comprehensive cost effective solutions to their water treatment needs.


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