For companies with an unwavering commitment to our environment

Environmental Responsibility

Helping you to be a responsible steward over our world’s most valuable resource, its water, has motivated every bit of the design of our product and approach. Our water treatment solutions drastically reduce the impact your site construction has on the ecosystems that encompass it, and the risk of downtime due to failures meeting environmental requirements.

Green Advantages

Our system is specifically designed to minimize environmental impact. We’ve accomplished this by building a system that is:

  • Reusable. Unlike liners and berm material used in conventional ponds
  • Automated. Analysis driven in-line flocculant dosing and pH control ensures compliant, consistent outflow
  • Rigorously Tested. Independent testing of flocculants ensure environmental suitability
  • Energy Efficient. Minimal power is required for full operation and automation of the unit

Responsible development starts with Storm Guard. Protect the environment and your project timelines with automated, scalable, water treatment solutions built with both in mind.